Hydraulic Press Refurbishment

1) Our site service division attended the customers’ site to isolate and disconnect the press and the separate power unit. Our transport contractor brought the press back to our factory in Kent.

2) The press arrives at the factory. The large Hiab that transported it to the factory lifts off and cranes the 50 tonne press onto skates. The press is then skated into the factory ready to be dis-assembled.

3) There are three main hydraulic cylinders on this press. All of the hydraulic cylinders removed and inspected. The large pressing cylinder required a complete overhaul including re-working the the existing rod. The side lift cylinders had new rods machined and the cylinders also completely overhauled. Each cylinder went through a critical test procedure prior to being re-installed on the press. Each component was tested individually then refitted to the press to be tested again with its’ own power unit.

4) Once testing was complete, the press was masked up and re-painted. The press was skated back out of the factory and re-loaded onto a Hiab vehicle to be transported back to the customers premises.

5) Our site service division assisted in the off load and re-positioning of the press. Once re-installed the press was re-commissioned and back into service for the client.

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