Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic services: Most companies who invest in production equipment that rely on hydraulic systems should consider regular repairs, service and maintenance inspections to get the best service from their investment – after all most people have their cars regularly serviced, don’t they? Production machinery can be much more expensive to buy, maintain and the downtime implications when it is not running properly can be significantly more costly than a car.

Our hydraulic services site service division is available to cover a wide range of disciplines including diagnostic work, new installations, removal and re-installations of components, upgrades, renewals, hose replacement service, and system monitoring including trend analysis.

Through prior arrangement we can offer tailored hydraulic services packages of maintenance to equipment and 24 hour callout to cover breakdowns. Our engineers are fully equipped with service vehicles carrying a wide range of tooling and hose making equipment fully backed by our factory in Strood.

Do you have leaking power packs, pipework and hoses, oil drips everywhere? Is you machinery not running as quickly or efficiently as it used to? Why? Can we help? For all your hydraulic services requirements contact us.


hydraulic services
hydraulic services
hydraulic services

Here is a selection of the types of repairs we are able to undertake onsite:-

  • Fault finding
  • Regular servicing and system analysis
  • Hydraulic press maintenance
  • Water hydraulic systems maintenance
  • New equipment commissioning
  • Contamination monitoring and advice
  • Hydraulic filter element changing programs
  • Offline oil filtering
  • System flushing

Hydraulic equipment is generally attached or connected to other items, components or framework. Similarly clients using hydraulic equipment also have associated non-hydraulic equipment that also needs servicing or repairs.

As our company name suggests, as well as the hydraulic aspect of our products and services, we can also serve our clients all round engineering needs. This ranges from machined components – pins, blocks, and shafts etc. to more complex ‘complete product’ upgrades, manufacture or overhaul.

Design services:

From new projects and installations to updating old and redundant equipment, our design team can help! We have a long history of cylinder design. We have engineered out failures to existing equipment as well as designing new cylinders for new applications. As we operate across many sectors, the variation of type, material, duty cycles, pressures/ speed capabilities of bespoke cylinders we have designed also significantly varies. From standard agricultural type cylinders to multi stage double acting in stainless steel, we cover all bases.

In more recent years we have added further expertise and experience in power unit and system design. As the sectors vary, so do the demands of a given system or power unit. From mini power units to proportionally control valve cabinets, we pride ourselves on producing fit for purpose, cost effective and reliable systems.

Hydraulic Bar & Tube

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Looking for a supplier of chrome bar & tube?

Looking for a supplier of chrome bar & tube?

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