Can I have a test certificate for my repair?

Yes. All cylinders that we produce, whether it be a repair or a new unit are tested for pressure capabilty and operation. This will be signed off in all cases and certified if you request a certificate. We also offer a critical test procedure and can carry out bespoke testing which can also be certified.

Can you give me the cheapest price?

That would depend on what you are asking for. Cheap doesn’t mean good quality, and usually means further problems sooner rather than later. We look to produce a good quality repair and products – sensibly priced.

Do you operate to a quality standard?

Yes. We have identified and installed all of our manufacturing and management processes in conjunction with our consulting company. The complete system is in final audit and, when complete, we will have achieved ISO 9000:2000.

Do you warranty your repairs?

Yes we do. If a repair is carried out to our recommendations then the repair will have a six month warranty. If the full scope of the repair isn’t taken up then a reduced warranty will be in place. This will be advised at the time of undertaking the repair.

Do your repairs have full traceability?

Yes, in fact every repair, cylinder and power unit is stamped with its own unique job number. This helps to identify spares for future service work and gives us a complete record of the full specification the product was made to – and its flow path through our factory.

How much does your delivery and collection service cost?

Generally it is a free service to our customers. We have a 1.5 tonne payload flat back and a pick up truck that covers around 90% of our transport requirements in the local area of Kent, SE London and Essex. If we need to carry larger items we will employ a transport company and pass the charge on. Similarly, if there are small components that need to arrive with a customer at a certain time and our vehicles are not in the area, we would ship the goods on a carrier after consultation with the customer and pass this charge on too.

What should I do if I have a problem with my repair or a product I have purchased?

In the first instance please contact our sales department with relevant information including – nature of problem, when it was purchased (or repair carried out), delivery / invoice / job number and we will look to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.